Doctors all over the country are doing THIS…

April 12, 2016

…And when you find out what it is, you’ll be blown away!

OK, maybe not… BUT, by the end of the day TODAY you will be able to get reliable advice and basic medical information through Facebook messenger, thanks to HealthTap, a startup that offers video consultations with thousands of doctors across the country.

The service is pretty cool… but more importantly it leads me to wonder who the first real estate company will be to implement something like this.

Imagine a consumer hopping on Facebook Messenger (that shouldn’t be too hard as damn near everyone on the planet is using this platform now) and asking the newly launched J-Man Realty Messenger Bot how much their home is worth. Or… what’s the most important thing to do when selling? Or… whatever their question may be.

Companies are now able to take advantage of automated bots, and the messenger platform, to respond to consumers in ways that didn’t exist just YESTERDAY, and this trend will only continue to grow stronger and stronger as consumers are more of an “on demand” society than ever before.

So, kudos to HealthTap for pushing the boundaries in the medical field. Now, who will step up and push those boundaries in the real estate/mortgage/title insurance industries?