You’re about to spend the rest of your life…

In the FUTURE I think it’s safe to say that the use of technology is shaping our future whether we want it to or not. So, here’s a little mind bender to think about as we dive into this post: How you view the future today… determines how you act in the present, and how... View Article

Doctors all over the country are doing THIS…

…And when you find out what it is, you’ll be blown away! OK, maybe not… BUT, by the end of the day TODAY you will be able to get reliable advice and basic medical information through Facebook messenger, thanks to HealthTap, a startup that offers video consultations with thousands of doctors across the country. The service is pretty... View Article

MicroBots: New life for your old stuff

OK, so we’ve all heard about “smart devices”, right?  Of course. Every real estate tech website known to man has been discussing them extensively for the last few years. Devices like the Phillips Hue, the August Smart Lock, and of course the sexy NEST thermostat, have steadily been replacing their tired and ugly counterpart devices for several years... View Article

TechBytes: FB Messenger business feature and shoes that may change our industry

Facebook just switched on a pretty cool feature that allows those who already have the Facebook plugin "like box" on their site to integrate a Facebook Messenger tab. Essentially, clients can now visit your website — more likely than not though their smartphone — and find a box on the page that allows them to chat or send messages to you through Facebook Messenger.

TechBytes: Voicemail Marketing, A Better Zillow, and The Blue Angels!

In the "news that probably won't be" section, LinkedIn is trying to become (more) relevant (again) in the real estate industry by providing a real estate agent matching service. Interesting idea. Not sure I'm sold on it though. I was recently shown a pretty awesome tool if you ever want to blast a voicemail out to all your contacts. Slybroadcast lets you record, schedule and broadcast voicemail ...

TechBytes: A CarFax for Houses, Touch Clients in New Ways, and Smart Email

I got to preview Revaluate in NYC last January and was impressed by the amount (and type) of data presented, but also by HOW it was presented in not only the user interface… but also the cheeky manner as seen in the image to the right where it's recommended to pack an arsenal and "invest in a German Shepard".

TechBytes: Online Reviews, Instagram Ads, Artificial Intelligence and Zillow

This is our first edition of WFG’s Tech Bytes curated by Jeff Bernheisel – WFG’s National Director of Technology Marketing. These posts are meant to be small bytes of easily digestible technology news as it relates (mostly) to the real estate industry. We hope you enjoy! One of the few SEO companies that I actually... View Article

Fix for Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 update

If you’re one of the unlucky people that updated your shiny new iPhone 6 or 6+ yesterday only to find it could no longer make calls (among other less important things) here’s what you can do to downgrade back to the original version of iOS 8 released a week ago which seems to be the... View Article

Matterport 3D: It’s like Google street view for INSIDE your listings

Matterport allows viewers the ability to tour a property in an immersive 3-D environment… which can be really helpful during the home search process in deciding if they want to actually tour the home in “real life”. As the title suggests, Matterport is the equivalent of Google’s Street View but for the interior of a house, office... View Article

Coming Soon: Interactive real estate listing videos

Imagine watching a listing video and having the ability to click around inside the video as it plays, exploring details and features of the home, getting related neighborhood statistics, and even changing color of the walls from room to room. Sounds pretty far fetched, right? Well, not if Fuisz (pronounced “Fuse”) Media has anything to... View Article