Generate Seller Leads with Cloud CMA & CallAction

In this post, guest contributor Jessie Beaudoin, a longtime friend and founder of CallAction (an awesome platform that provides automation for inbound phone calls) shows us how you can generate listing/seller leads using his platform in conjunction with Cloud CMA. Cloud CMA partners with over 200 MLS’s. Over 150K real estate agents receive Cloud CMA for FREE... View Article

Should you continue to pay for online leads?

It’s the start of a new year, which means that it’s also time to evaluate what is and is not working in your business. This process should also include how much time and money is devoted to online lead generation and the corresponding ROI. The average agent is generally converting online leads at less than... View Article

Don’t have Google My Business set up yet? Here’s how…

If you’re still struggling (like many local businesses) to figure out how to get your company to show up in Google search rankings, you should give Google My Business a try. While adding your business to Google’s service will certainly not guarantee you show up #1 in the rankings and are flooded with leads, it... View Article

A Down and Dirty Guide To Online Reputation Management

I received an email this morning asking a couple basic questions about how to properly “set up” someone’s online reputation. While that’s not exactly how it all works… it was a great question and it got me thinking that with all the conference vendors and “gooroos” out there trying to sell stuff to Realtors these... View Article

Converting “home valuation” leads to get more listings

We published a post a couple days ago titled “More listings, less pain” in which we described the process of setting up a landing page systems in conjunction with Facebook ads to capture seller/listing leads. Today, the guys behind “Keeping it Real” an online mastermind group published their most recent Google Hangout video that features... View Article

Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch

Google Hangout from the Keeping It Real training series where Greg Harrelson, a top producing agent from  shares “How to Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch” and how to build a solid real estate business & foundation. You’ll learn exactly what Greg teaches his agents to do DAY ONE when they start. Where to get... View Article

Your Bio is the Center of Your Digital Universe

“All roads point to Rome,” they say… Well in the world of real estate marketing, all roads should point to you. The whole purpose of blogging, social media, business cards, networking…of marketing, in general, is to get the word out to potential customers that YOU, and only you, offer the goods and services they need,... View Article

3 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Resource for Future Clients

This post should be prefaced with yesterday’s post: 5 Great Ways to Use Your Blog to Engage Your Community Your blog is your primary venue to demonstrate your knowledge of all things real estate-related. You can talk about everything from market trends and the buying and selling process, to upcoming events and the best local... View Article

5 Great Ways to Use Your Blog to Engage Your Community

Blogs are powerful tools for building, engaging and maintaining an audience and demonstrating your market expertise. A blog is much more than a place to share your latest listings. In fact, if that’s all you’re doing with your blog, you’re probably not making much of an impact or gaining much of a following. There are... View Article

Work in the Blue Ocean

If you’re looking to succeed in the real estate market, you need to figure out how to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Most agents I talk to are trying to play the exact same game that every other agent is playing. It’s hard to win a game when there are hundreds if not thousands of... View Article