The best Birthday gift EVER!

My cell phone rings yesterday. It’s a number I don’t recognize. Hi, this is Jeff, how can I… A robotic voice cuts me off: “Hello, this is so-and-so with Kaiser Permanente calling for… (in a now even more robotic voice) Jeff-rey Bern-he-isel. (switches back to regular robotic voice) Birthday’s are the perfect time to celebrate the... View Article

Is Pokemon Go the “next big thing” in real estate marketing?

As someone who likes to pride myself on being on the forefront of marketing/technology for real estate… I’m always looking for ways to take advantage of new trends, apps or technology to help our clients improve their businesses. Early on it was helping people with email campaigns, then blogging, then platforms like MySpace, LinkedIn and... View Article

I “Seene” this coming a mile away

It’s no secret I’ve been hating on SnapChat recently. I don’t actually dislike the platform. I get it. It’s fun. It’s hip. It’s the next shiny object. But my little marketing mind is always searching for ways things can be adopted for use in the business world, and for the last year or so, I’ve... View Article

Forget Big Data, Show Me Intelligent Data

For years we’ve been hearing how “big data” is going to change the real estate industry. See Forbes and CNBC for reference. Some may argue this point with me, but I don’t really think it has. At least for residential realtors out in the trenches on a day to day basis. So, I’m just going to... View Article

Sniply: A call to action in every link you share is a web platform that allows you to attach a “call-to-action” to any piece of content you can find around the web. You simply grab a link to the content you’d like to share, paste that into your dashboard, and customize what you want the call-to-action to look like. The call to action... View Article

Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” update not so friendly to Realtors

On April 21, 2015, the search engine giant Google is planning to release a fairly significant new “mobile-friendly” ranking algorithm that’s designed to give a rankings boost to websites that are correctly optimized for Google mobile search results. Based on what I know from working with Realtors all over the country, this is not good... View Article

The ‘best’ CRM for real estate is…

This post submitted by Aaron Stelle, Director of Marketing Technology for WFG National Title Company in Portland, Oregon. I am constantly asked by real estate agents; “What’s the ‘best’ CRM for real estate?” and I usually have 2 really quick answers to that. Answer number one is, ‘There is no best CRM” and answer two... View Article

Fast Forward Stories: Your pre-made real estate video library

This post submitted by Aaron Stelle, Director of Marketing Technology for WFG National Title Company in Portland, Oregon.  Aaron and several members of the WFG marketing and technology team recently attended the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in NYC on a mission to find useful products and platforms that our clients can benefit from.... View Article

More listings, less pain

At WFG National Title we’re obsessed with providing our clients real value that can help grow their businesses in various ways. We recently created a program called “The Modern Day Agent” which combines a consultative approach to helping our clients, with an analytical process aimed at identifying pain points, where we can make product recommendations based on their... View Article

Tis the season for handwritten postcards

Introducing innovation to the greeting card industry is no small task, but that’s exactly what the folks behind Fountain Greetings have set out to do. FG offers a process to “modernize the greeting and gifting industry and bring back the lost art of the handwritten-card.” The process is fairly simple. You choose from Fountain Greetings’ various... View Article